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5 Men’s fashion tips for the first date!


Truth be told, when we go out for first time with someone to check if we are interested we don’t say wau, «here’s someone with great inner world». The first impression count more than we (want to) think.I am not saying that you need to be Mister Universe to find a woman, but it’s good […]

14 Color combinations for men only!

14 Χρωματικοί συνδυασμοί μόνο για άντρες!

The right color combinations in clothes can seem particularly difficult for men, but it is especially important to know how to combine colors correctly. There are many articles that mention that you can combine a shirt with a tie, or give advice on men’s dressing. We have selected 14 modern color combinations, ideal for any […]

Men’s outfit : Six tricks to look slimmer!


Every man wants to look impressive and feel confident in himself with the clothes he wears. Whether it’s the first date with the girl who has stolen your heart, the interview at an important job, or more simply a night out with your friends, you should choose the right men’s outfit for your body type. Like […]

What should a man wear to a wedding!

Τι να φορέσει ένας άντρας σ’ ένα γάμο!

There are many articles that mention what a woman should wear when she is invited to a wedding, but what about men? What can a man wear when he has to go to a wedding? The truth is that many men have no idea of which clothes are suitable in a wedding. One of the […]

10+1 Summer clothes that every man should have!

10+1 Καλοκαιρινά ρούχα που πρέπει να έχει κάθε άντρας!

Fashion trends may be constantly changing but there are some key pieces in a man’s wardrobe that should not be missing from his collection, especially the summer. If you are also getting ready for your holidays, make sure you put in your suitcase some – if not all – summer clothes that follow to have […]

53 Suits for groom’s outfit!

53 Κοστούμια για γαμπριάτικο ντύσιμο!

The groom’s outfit is just as important as the wedding dress, since both the bride and the groom want to look impressive at their wedding. There are several different styles that you can follow by choosing your groom’s suit, as it is not necessary to limit yourself to something very classic, but you can make […]

20 Suggestions for Groom suits 2017!

20 Προτάσεις για γαμπριάτικα κοστούμια 2017!

A man may not need many things at a wedding, but he will surely want everyone to remember him for the suit he will be wearing that day. So, if the big day has come for you too, then it would be good to choose a suit that is in line with the latest fashion […]

What is in men’s fashion this summer!

Τι είναι στην αντρική μόδα φέτος το καλοκαίρι!

As we enter summer for good, we see new trends constantly being added to men’s fashion, which are ideal for all styles of men. Their appearance has made some extremely youthful suggestions, but also simpler, for those who prefer tasteful dressing without however much exaggeration. These impressive suggestions concern the colors, the style of clothes, […]

5 Rules to combine the colors in your outfit!

5 Κανόνες για να συνδυάσεις τα χρώματα στο ντύσιμο σου!

The total black look is undoubtedly the best choice you can make to look stylish in every look. But bright colors are what can boost your style and make you stand out for your modern look. Most men, however, even the one who want to follow fashion, do not know how to combine the colors […]

How to wear Your Polo T-shirt properly!

Πως να φορέσεις σωστά το Polo μπλουζάκι σου!

The Polo T-shirt is one of the easy-to-wear pieces that every man can have in his wardrobe, since it can be combined with fabric trousers, but also with shorts. Also, depending on the combination you choose you can follow a formal and absolutely elegant style or even a more athletic style. It’s one of the […]

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