What does science say about your character if you wear colorful socks!

Κάλτσες πολύχρωμες
We would say that there are two types of socks: the simple and classic ones that we would characterize as safe options and the others, the different ones. They have craziest designs: strange logos, color combination etc. The science has satisfactorily analyzed this stylistic choice.

What we are wear has an affect on our opinion of ourselves, but also of others about us.

This is not only a general truth, but also something scientifically proven. In a social experiment, several people saw two images of the same man: one in a suit and one in casual look such as a hoodie, etc. Most participants described the man in suit as a person with greater self-confidence, more successful and with a higher benefice. So we see that it is very easy to change someone’s opinion about us, just with a few changes in our outfit.

But today talk about the sock

It’s the about the same choice as some crazy design of sunglasses, bandana or any other accessories. This choice shows a creative person, a note of revolution against the establishment. They show a person certainty about himself, but also a playful side that pushes others to feel more comfortable communicating with him. At the same time , they show that there is an inner strength, as if we dare to wear something which break the mould, it shows that we can support it.

But funky options aren’t limited to that.

Do you prefer something else or extend beyond the socks?Try bright colors and designs on whatever accessories express you. The tryth is that women have greater variety (e.g. manicure, jewelry) but this is no reason not to take out your funky side. Ties, scarves even belts etc. are at your service. Dare it and you will be unforgettable! But make sure you don’t completely forget the occasion and who you are addressing, because research show that the others count on us more when our styles are similar! Source: www.the-man.gr
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