5 Men’s fashion tips for the first date!


Truth be told, when we go out for first time with someone to check if we are interested we don’t say wau, «here’s someone with great inner world». The first impression count more than we (want to) think.I am not saying that you need to be Mister Universe to find a woman, but it’s good to apply some advice and tips that will certainly make you to look good.

Each person has his own charm, but with a cared-for look this charm is even more obvious.So you present you 5 basic tips to take care of your appearance accordingly and  win the (first) impressions!

1. Right balance


Well gentlemen, let’s star with the fact that you want to look like you ‘ve made an effort for a nice look, but without over-doing. If your image «shouts» that you have  tried too hard, the girl will feel that you are desperate or that you probably have something to hide. So take it loosely: eg. don’t wear suit because it will be ridiculous. Unless of course you somewhere where the occasion dictates, but again there are not many such occasions suitable for a first date.…

2. Avoid «fleeting» options

Λευκό βαμβακερό μπλουζάκι BATTERY


On the other  hand , not overdo with raleaxation. Don’t wear for any reason T-shirts that strongly show the brand because this shows that you are showing off what you are wearing.Furthermore, don’t wear a T-shirt with weird designs or that writes a message on top.This is onlu justified to university stydent/stydent and thi is not always justified. I have too a T-shirt with some avocadο dancing, but i certainly choose it gor first date. Prefer an easy and timeless T-shirt.

3. Not neglet your shoes


Many get used to neglect or ignore this part of  their outfit, but remember that we women  always look at the shoes and will judge from there if someone actually took care of his look.Avoid sneakers, unless it’s a styleworn as more as evening and instead prefer a slightly more formal shoe without overdoing it.

4. Pay attention to your care

Σχετική εικόνα


No matter what you wear, it won’t show up to you unless you take care of yoursel firt.Not that you should point it but you have tacek care to have a bath, wash your hair and if it is necessary use emollient, save or take care of your beard and have clean, severed nails. To appear someone neglected is more than enough to push every woman to disappear.

5. Make sure that style expresses you


Whatever you choose, be sure to wear it instead of  it – in others words , wear it with comfort so you can support it.I f you choose something that  normally didn’t even wear thinking that this is how you look more impressive you are making a big mistake. Your lack of familiarity with the clothes it will be obvious but will also make a bad impression, because a woman may think that tou are «out» and you are not interested. Make sure that whatever you wear to be your (best) self!

As you can see, iti is not something so difficult, but it is certainly important.Anyone who think than only women take care of themselves and do the best for their look, he is wrong.You must  always have a good look, out of respect for those around you but especially for yourself.

Source: www.the-man.gr

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