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10 Habits that well-dressed men have!


Every man knows that if he takes care of himself, then will be seen in his self-confidence and in the way he treats . Another feature of strong men is that they pay close attention to their style so that they are always well-dressed and meticulous. I will show you what to watch out for in order […]

What does science say about your character if you wear colorful socks!

Κάλτσες πολύχρωμες

We would say that there are two types of socks: the simple and classic ones that we would characterize as safe options and the others, the different ones. They have craziest designs: strange logos, color combination etc. The science has satisfactorily analyzed this stylistic choice. What we are wear has an affect on our opinion […]

10+1 Summer clothes that every man should have!

10+1 Καλοκαιρινά ρούχα που πρέπει να έχει κάθε άντρας!

Fashion trends may be constantly changing but there are some key pieces in a man’s wardrobe that should not be missing from his collection, especially the summer. If you are also getting ready for your holidays, make sure you put in your suitcase some – if not all – summer clothes that follow to have […]

5 Rules to combine the colors in your outfit!

5 Κανόνες για να συνδυάσεις τα χρώματα στο ντύσιμο σου!

The total black look is undoubtedly the best choice you can make to look stylish in every look. But bright colors are what can boost your style and make you stand out for your modern look. Most men, however, even the one who want to follow fashion, do not know how to combine the colors […]

Five instragram accounts with tips for men’s outfit!

Πέντε λογαριασμοί στο Instagram με συμβουλές για το αντρικό ντύσιμο!

Every man who wants to stand out for his style, should be informed about fashion trends, depending on the season. But who has time to sit down and look for what will be worn and combine some of these trends in the appropriate way, so that it does not seem that he has just made […]

Nine Men’s clothes you need to get rid of!

Εννιά Αντρικά ρούχα που πρέπει να ξεφορτωθείς!

What are the men’s clothes that are in your wardrobe that ruin your style in seconds? Find out what they are and get rid of them while it’s time! The worst enemy of the male style is neither the lack of resources, nor the lack of knowledge. In fact, the biggest obstacle of being stylish […]

17 Men’s clothes & accessories you must have in your wardrobe!

17 Αντρικά ρούχα & αξεσουάρ που πρέπει να έχεις στη ντουλάπα σου!

You have gathered a lot of clothes and accessories in your wardrobe over the years. There may be some of your favorite pieces but also some others that you could easily part with. The question, though, is: Do you have the right pieces? Do you have the essentials? Those clothes and accessories that should not […]

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