Nine Men’s clothes you need to get rid of!

Εννιά Αντρικά ρούχα που πρέπει να ξεφορτωθείς!
What are the men’s clothes that are in your wardrobe that ruin your style in seconds? Find out what they are and get rid of them while it’s time!
The worst enemy of the male style is neither the lack of resources, nor the lack of knowledge. In fact, the biggest obstacle of being stylish is the day you put on a washing machine.
That day, when you have no clothes to choose from, you are forced to return to the years of youth, which are in the depths of your wardrobe, forgetting that you are now a man and not a teenager.
This is why you have to throw such men’s clothes out of your closet without a second thought, so that you do not have the ability to ruin your style, never again!

What clothes should not be worn;

1)T-shirts with slogan or logo


They can be your favorite T-shirts and surely everyone reminds you of something. You may be a child of Darth Vader or you may have been a walk with the idiot, but trust me, people certainly don’t want to know it.
If you don’t want to throw them away, because of their sentimental value, make a duvet cover or place them on frames to make them decorate your playroom.

2)Ties with strange designs


Do you remember that wicked algebra mathematician who told the bad jokes? Well, such a type of person wears ties like these! Better not to forget this and finally get rid of this tie with the printed ducklings.

3)Teenage socks


Socks in all colors of the rainbow, filled with stamps of superheroes and probably filled with holes. I don’t think you want to wear anything like that under your blazer and be afraid all day long if the pants get up.

4)Wicker hats


There are very few people who can excel in this style with this particular hat. Unless you are a descendant of Michael Jackson, please, empty your wardrobe of such men’s accessories.

5)Shorts with huge pockets


Ok I accept to wear them on the beach, but not to go out for the night with something like that. You throw away your every effort, so far, to look modern, trendy and stylish. This men’s trousers came into fashion in 2000 and still haunts men’s wardrobes and many shops with men’s items!

6)Deep V


These V T-shirts, which filled every men’s clothing store, are nice when worn properly and especially when the opening does not reach the belly button. Throwing the hairs from your sternum is not the best sight.

7)Belts with huge buckles


Unless you live in Texas, such sears are completely useless to you. If you want to save money, melt the buckle and make 10 new zones to accompany your official male outfit!

8)Overly worn jeans


The jeans after a lot of use make bags, wear out and tear. How will you understand that a jeans are for throwing away? Simple! Ask yourself if he feels ok when he wears it! If the answer is: “yes if I were a shipwrecked or homeless person”, you probably don’t need it.

9)Shoes with a square nose


It is the most outdated male official shoe on the planet. So why should it take up space in your wardrobe? If you like this style, buy loafers or espadrilles, which you will enjoy more.
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