How to wear Boat Shoes properly!

Πως να φορέσεις σωστά Boat Shoes!
The type of shoe, as it says and its name has to do with boats (boat). It started as a very good choice for sailors who worked on the ships. Over time, however, its fame spread and it came today to be one of the most beautiful classic shoes for the summer! Since, therefore, the weather starts to warm up and summer is approaching little by little, it is a good time to see what is the right way to wear Boat Shoes, in order to highlight their beauty and Style!

Tips to wear summer Boat Shoes properly

1)First contact

It may seem to be difficult as a shoe at first. You may not feel it very comfortable and perhaps even tiring. Their skin should be hard enough to keep its shape, but at the same time soft enough to walk. To achieve this, the best solution is to wet them and wear them! Don’t worry about that, just do it and you’ll remember me. After all, their role was wetting, so they will endure it. Of course, if you don’t want to do that, you can wear them and open them in the classic way by just walking. Just, in order not to be too uncomfortable, you can put on a thin pair of socks that will not be seen.


They can be beautiful anyway, but if you want to show them off, make sure you tie me up properly! To help you with this, below is a video with a good technique!

In addition, a common tactic that will give them a more playful tone is to change their color on the laces.

3)Casual outfit

Boat Shoes are suitable for daily dressing. With a lace around they are very good to give a more relaxed note to your outfit and the one you want for the summer relaxation. A pair of brown shoes could be very successfully combined with a light-colored polo t-shirt, regardless of color and a light-colored shorts. If, on the other hand, your style is not for shorts, you could try wearing them with a pair of pants folded up to the ankle to show their more relaxed side

4)Formal outfit

Although some may disagree, Boat Shoes can be comfortably worn in more formal looks. The first rule is to stay in the dark colors! Black is the safest option. Also make sure that the laces are the same color as the color of the shoe, you do not need anything that makes a contrast, it will not inspire an air of solemnity. The ideal combination would be a dark pair of pants and a simple shirt. These will save you the “smart style” we are all looking for.
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