10 Habits that well-dressed men have!


Every man knows that if he takes care of himself, then will be seen in his self-confidence and in the way he treats . Another feature of strong men is that they pay close attention to their style so that they are always well-dressed and meticulous. I will show you what to watch out for in order […]

What does science say about your character if you wear colorful socks!

Κάλτσες πολύχρωμες

We would say that there are two types of socks: the simple and classic ones that we would characterize as safe options and the others, the different ones. They have craziest designs: strange logos, color combination etc. The science has satisfactorily analyzed this stylistic choice. What we are wear has an affect on our opinion […]

What colors on your clothes match your skin!

Άνδρας με μαύρο κοστούμι

One important factor in the shade of our clothes is the type of our skin. Not all skins fit all clothes, so it is good to always keep in mind what suits us. In Greece we mainly have medium/wheaten skin, although it is not unlikely that we will see lighter pale skins. We may also […]

5 Men’s fashion tips for the first date!


Truth be told, when we go out for first time with someone to check if we are interested we don’t say wau, «here’s someone with great inner world». The first impression count more than we (want to) think.I am not saying that you need to be Mister Universe to find a woman, but it’s good […]

15 tips for men’s style!

15 συμβουλές για το αντρικό στυλ!

Many will never deal with their outfit as if it is apart of our lives that deserves a little more attention. They will buy a polo shirt with bold logo, and one extravagant Replay shoe and life goes on.   Someone, however realize sooner or later that outfit is something important. When it makes up80% […]

14 Color combinations for men only!

14 Χρωματικοί συνδυασμοί μόνο για άντρες!

The right color combinations in clothes can seem particularly difficult for men, but it is especially important to know how to combine colors correctly. There are many articles that mention that you can combine a shirt with a tie, or give advice on men’s dressing. We have selected 14 modern color combinations, ideal for any […]

Men’s fashion : Which colors suit your skin!

Ανδρική μόδα : Ποια χρώματα ταιριάζουν στην επιδερμίδα σου!

As men’s fashion changes and colors come more and more to the fore, you will surely want to try various shades on your clothes to get out of the ordinary. But things are not that simple. Unfortunately, not all colors fit every skin, so finding the color that flatters you can be harder than you […]

Men’s outfit : Six tricks to look slimmer!


Every man wants to look impressive and feel confident in himself with the clothes he wears. Whether it’s the first date with the girl who has stolen your heart, the interview at an important job, or more simply a night out with your friends, you should choose the right men’s outfit for your body type. Like […]

What should a man wear to a wedding!

Τι να φορέσει ένας άντρας σ’ ένα γάμο!

There are many articles that mention what a woman should wear when she is invited to a wedding, but what about men? What can a man wear when he has to go to a wedding? The truth is that many men have no idea of which clothes are suitable in a wedding. One of the […]

10+1 Summer clothes that every man should have!

10+1 Καλοκαιρινά ρούχα που πρέπει να έχει κάθε άντρας!

Fashion trends may be constantly changing but there are some key pieces in a man’s wardrobe that should not be missing from his collection, especially the summer. If you are also getting ready for your holidays, make sure you put in your suitcase some – if not all – summer clothes that follow to have […]

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