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36 Summer men’s shoes for 2017!

36 Καλοκαιρινά ανδρικά παπούτσια 2017!

Summer may not have officially begun, but it has certainly begun to approach and we feel this from the heat that prevails. So it’s time to go out to the market and shop for the summer clothes and shoes that will accompany you on your outings. But if you are one of the men who […]

How to wear Boat Shoes properly!

Πως να φορέσεις σωστά Boat Shoes!

The type of shoe, as it says and its name has to do with boats (boat). It started as a very good choice for sailors who worked on the ships. Over time, however, its fame spread and it came today to be one of the most beautiful classic shoes for the summer! Since, therefore, the […]

Five classic shoess that every man should have!

Πέντε κλασικά παπούτσια που κάθε άντρας πρέπει να έχει!

For some, a pair of sneakers may be enough when they go out with friends or when they go on dates. For others, however, this is not enough. Many of us are looking for something more sophisticated, something more elegant at their outings. They desire the style that only a pair of classic shoes can […]

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