Five classic shoess that every man should have!

Πέντε κλασικά παπούτσια που κάθε άντρας πρέπει να έχει!
For some, a pair of sneakers may be enough when they go out with friends or when they go on dates. For others, however, this is not enough. Many of us are looking for something more sophisticated, something more elegant at their outings. They desire the style that only a pair of classic shoes can offer them.
The word “classic shoes” should not scare anyone. It does not refer to shoes that you would wear only with a suit or in rare cases, but to separate types of shoes that have stood the test of time and have been established as an indication of style. And of course, you couldn’t help but be comfortable! To easily find this finesse you want in your outfit, we present you the 5 classic shoes you should have.

5 classic shoes that give you the style you want!

1. Moccasins


One of the best shoes that can be worn in any case! With a lot of style, they can accompany any outfit, both formal and everyday, offering comfort and easy walking.
Originally a creation of the indigenous peoples of America, it increased its audience in the nineteenth century and came to be worn en masse from the 20s and 30s, until today.

2. Brogue


Its characteristic holes in the tying of the skin of the shoe are also what make it stand out. Modern Brogues have their roots in the UK and were designed so that water could easily leave if someone happened to step on a hole.
Although they did not start as formal shoes, today their role has changed and they are an option for both professional and more relaxed dressing. Initially, their color was brown, but this has changed and they have come out in black since it began to be worn as a more formal style of shoe.

3. Derby


Another wonderful classic shoe! The best thing about these classic shoes is that even after so many years they are a modern choice in dressing. They are known for using a few pieces of leather that are tied together without much effect.
Able to wear with any kind of dress, they complement every option in clothes. For example, a pair of dark blue combined with a grey pants and a nice shirt, can give another air to your outfit, making it suitable for the office or a simple outing.

4. Monk Strap

monk strap

This is a lesser-known shoe compared to the previous ones. However, its different style and design give a unique element to your outfit.
It is a creation of monks who were trying to find an alternative footwear for sandals. They have much in common with Oxford, but the fact that they are not the same officially established them as a popular choice. They have a wide range that is characterized mainly by whether it has a single or double strap.

5. Chelsea Boots

chelsea boots

You couldn’t miss this shoe style from this list. Comfortable, with a lot of finesse and can perfectly accompany all kinds of clothes, from a denim pants to a suit! They are one of the most comfortable shoes that one could wear. They have a huge variety that enables them to be combined with every color and every occasion.
These shoes were one of the biggest trends of the last century, as they became particularly loved by the public. Also, many bands, such as the Beatles, wore them all the time.
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