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10 Habits that well-dressed men have!


Every man knows that if he takes care of himself, then will be seen in his self-confidence and in the way he treats . Another feature of strong men is that they pay close attention to their style so that they are always well-dressed and meticulous. I will show you what to watch out for in order […]

What colors on your clothes match your skin!

Άνδρας με μαύρο κοστούμι

One important factor in the shade of our clothes is the type of our skin. Not all skins fit all clothes, so it is good to always keep in mind what suits us. In Greece we mainly have medium/wheaten skin, although it is not unlikely that we will see lighter pale skins. We may also […]

5 Men’s fashion tips for the first date!


Truth be told, when we go out for first time with someone to check if we are interested we don’t say wau, «here’s someone with great inner world». The first impression count more than we (want to) think.I am not saying that you need to be Mister Universe to find a woman, but it’s good […]

20 Suggestions for Groom suits 2017!

20 Προτάσεις για γαμπριάτικα κοστούμια 2017!

A man may not need many things at a wedding, but he will surely want everyone to remember him for the suit he will be wearing that day. So, if the big day has come for you too, then it would be good to choose a suit that is in line with the latest fashion […]

18 Modern suggestions for men’s outfit (Street Style)!

18 Μοντέρνες προτάσεις για ανδρικό ντύσιμο (Street Style)!

It’s summer the thermometer shows high temperature and as if that’s not enough, you don’t know what to wear. Ultimately, dressing is not only a female problem, but also a male one, especially when we are talking about street style. And because men don’t spend time like us to learn about the new fashion trends, […]

How to wear Boat Shoes properly!

Πως να φορέσεις σωστά Boat Shoes!

The type of shoe, as it says and its name has to do with boats (boat). It started as a very good choice for sailors who worked on the ships. Over time, however, its fame spread and it came today to be one of the most beautiful classic shoes for the summer! Since, therefore, the […]

Five classic shoess that every man should have!

Πέντε κλασικά παπούτσια που κάθε άντρας πρέπει να έχει!

For some, a pair of sneakers may be enough when they go out with friends or when they go on dates. For others, however, this is not enough. Many of us are looking for something more sophisticated, something more elegant at their outings. They desire the style that only a pair of classic shoes can […]

Make the right choice in the desing of your suit!

Κάνε τη σωστή επιλογή στο σχέδιο του κοστουμιού σου!

Your choices in the design of your suit! 1)Striped suit Striped suits are the best choice you can make when you decide to wear a design. You can keep your look simple by buying a blazer with thin stripes, and if you’re a little bolder you can try wearing a striped suit. Stripes are a […]

Choosing the right fabric for a suit!

Κάλτσες Πουρνάρα με μικροσχέδια

Are you bored of the usual when you’re getting ready for the office? Are you tired of putting on the same suit every morning? Then it’s time to put aside the black suit and choose a suit with designs and colors so that you feel like you’re the most elegant man in the office. Choose […]

How to wear a blue suit on any occasion!

Άνδρες με μπλε κοστούμια

A blue suit can look extremely youthful and modern, since it goes beyond the usual, such as the classic black, which is one of the first choices of all men. Strange as it may seem to you, blue is considered a more versatile color, as there are many shades to choose from, from the darkest […]

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