How to find the right suit for you?

Πως να βρεις το σωστό κοστούμι για εσένα!
It is true that a good suit can highlight the style of a male and make it attract the eyes. It also offers prestige and attracts the attention of women.
Unfortunately, there are many times when no matter how much we search, we cannot find one that we like and suit us. Some may look nice to us, but once we wear them, the whole fantasy we had in mind spoils.
So that none of us will ever get it again, here you will find some secrets on how to find the right suit for you!

How to choose the ideal shoes!

To make the choice correctly, we need to examine one by one the different body types and see which style suits each of us, as well as what to do with the various accessories.

1)For shorter

wraio koustoumi

Try to find something where its lines are vertical and not horizontal. Don’t be afraid to get a pants that’s shorter, this will help you look taller. The same with the blazer. A shorter idea will make your hands look further away. Finally, prefer a blazer t that has pointed and open edges on top to make your shoulders look bigger.
You can avoid using a belt, as this will make you look short.

2)For tall


The blazer with 2 buttons is necessary and suits you better and if you choose one that will have low buttons, your body will look shorter and will not look disproportionate. Also, try to show your shirt under the sleeve as little as possible. As far as the pants are concerned, it should be long enough and make sure you always accompany it with a correct belt that will have the same color as your shoes.
Avoid horizontal lines, they will make you look tall


3)For burly

gri koustoumi

A thin tie would be lost on you, so choose a wider one. Avoid thick fabrics in both blazer and trousers. That way you won’t look bigger. Vertical lines will make you look taller and it seems that it shares your weight better. You can avoid using a belt and choose the braces as an alternative.
However, whatever you do, try to avoid the many designs from your clothes.

4)For athletic

You have spent time in your body with exercise and you have to show that out. The first thing you should look at is for the suit in your waist to be good. Find a jacket that fits right on your waist and has a good fit. Seriously consider sewing a suit instead of buying one. It will sit more well on you and will match exactly with your muscles and build.
Don’t wear anything wide on your body. Your torso is already quite “open”, so you don’t need that.
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