Make the right choice in the desing of your suit!

Κάνε τη σωστή επιλογή στο σχέδιο του κοστουμιού σου!

Your choices in the design of your suit!

1)Striped suit

Striped suits are the best choice you can make when you decide to wear a design. You can keep your look simple by buying a blazer with thin stripes, and if you’re a little bolder you can try wearing a striped suit. Stripes are a design that can be easily worn since you show your personality without much effort.

2)Suit with thin stripes

The suit with thin stripes is a classic design that offers elegance and quality in a simple way.

Tradition suggests combining a blazer with thin stripes along with a similar pair of trousers. If you want something different you can combine a blazer with thin stripes along with a plain color pair of pants. This style will make your look interesting and unique! If you add these two pieces to your everyday life, you will have more and more interesting options.
So you can choose an charcoal blazer with thin stripes and a black trouser for Monday, but on Friday you can wear the same blazer along with a blue maren chinos trousers perfect for a drink after work.
If you feel that it’s time to change things a little bit, make the above choices and you will definitely not lose. Alternatively, you can maintain an everyday style by wearing a sports-style blazer, a white shirt and jeans and you will completely escape from the ordinary!

3)Suit with white stripes

This suit consists of white stripes, which are located on top of a black, grey or blue maren suit.

This suit will definitely grab the attention of your colleagues when you go to work. If you decide to try it, check out the following tips to choose the right one for you:
  • She combined a blue suit with white stripes along with a white shirt, black knitted tie and black polished shoes.
  • Choose to wear a blue maren suit with white stripes along with a matching vest and a leather biker jacket to have a more comfortable and alternative style.
  • If you like monochrome, a black suit with white stripes should be one of your first choices while a blue maren suit is a gentler choice.

4)Cord suit

Ok, I know what you’re thinking cord suits are old-fashioned and can only be worn on Halloween. If, however, you combine them correctly, then cordless suits can make a difference.
A suit of this kind will provide you with warmth during the cold winter months while at the same time you will have a nice look. Haven’t I convinced you yet? Check out the tips below on how you can combine cordless costumes without looking like you’ve come out of the ’70s.
  • A black corduroy suit can be combined with a grey turtleneck and a black republik hat.
  • Instead, you can choose to put a blue maren cord waistcoat over a plaid shirt to get a more comfortable look. Add a denim jacket and a chinos pants, and you’ll have a stylish outfit.

5)Suit with designs

Costumes with designs like to make a statement with bold patterns in light shades. If you choose to wear such a suit, you should be confident, whether you choose a geometric design, a plaid suit or a design with lottery tickets as you understood these costumes are not for the timid as the designs, colors and fabrics will make you stand out from the crowd.

6)Plaid suit

Plaid suits are popular among men and are considered particularly elegant and can be found in various colors. The plaid suits are elegant and you can wear them comfortably if you follow these tips:
  • Wear a plaid suit along with leather sneakers and a hooded T-shirt for a more everyday look.
  • Instead of a white shirt, choose to wear a black short-sleeve T-shirt for a simple yet elegant look.
  • Combine the plaid suit with a denim shirt and you’ll prove that mixing fabrics is a great combination.
  • If you don’t wear socks, you’ll give your suit a spring feel.
In addition to the designs, the colorful suits are another way to leave your mark! You can find suits in different colors if you want to escape from the classic options.

7)White suit

White suits have been associated with summer weddings on the beach. In reality, however, they are a very elegant choice for other cases as well. You can simply choose a white suit or a complete white suit depending on the look you want to have in the summer.
  • A white summer suit has a refreshing look. You can stand out by choosing pieces by texture, such as knitwear, leather, cotton and linen.
  • Add color using accessories. Belts, hats, watches and shoes are very easily combined with a white shirt.
  • The combination of white suit and black shirt will give you an intense plain color look that will draw attention to you.

8)Brown suit

When you hear a brown suit, you definitely disapprove of it. The truth, though, is that it has a charming, vintage feel. Its warm hue is an option that will win the impressions if worn properly.
  • A brown suit and a blue shirt are wonderful choices as blue accompanies amazingly the shade of the suit.
  • Do not discard neutral colors as white can be combined with a brown suit.
  • A pair of brogues in tampa color allows your shoes to stand out while it fits perfectly with the brown.

9)Khaki suit

Khaki is another color that troubles many. The khaki suit is a nice way to show military influence in a more formal environment. You can experiment with different colors to stand out in the office and give up the blue suit once and for all.
  • A khaki suit can be paired with white sneakers and a short-sleeved T-shirt for a comfortable look.
  • For a more formal look, combine it with a white shirt, black tie and black polished shoes.

10)Green suit

If you want a darker but brighter color, choose green. You can choose various shades to completely transform your style. Surely many men will be jealous of your choice and will ask you where you bought it from.

11) Suit made of tweed

The tweed is no longer considered a fabric that aims to restore traditions. It has become an elegant fabric that you can wear without seeming to have unearthed it from the old days. So you can choose a tweed suit along with black skinny jeans, a black short-sleeved T-shirt and brown Chelsea boots!

12) Suit made of flannel

The flannel suits are returning dynamically and many men choose this matte fabric rather than some glossy one. Let’s see how you can wear a suit made of flannel:
  • The most common color is grey, which you can wear and make elegant combinations.
  • Combine it with a light blue shirt, blue knitwear to have a lovely winter look.
  • Keep your look simple by wearing a grey suit, a white shirt, a grey tie and brogues in tampa color
So there you have it! Your choices are countless if you want to have an alternative suit. With a little courage and a few experimentations you will surely find what suits you.
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