What colors on your clothes match your skin!

Άνδρας με μαύρο κοστούμι

One important factor in the shade of our clothes is the type of our skin. Not all skins fit all clothes, so it is good to always keep in mind what suits us.

In Greece we mainly have medium/wheaten skin, although it is not unlikely that we will see lighter pale skins. We may also see some people with with even darker shades.

What colors match your skin?

1. Light/pale

There are generally two categories of light skins: white and those that blush. If you burn easily in the sun and also have light-colored features, then you belong to this category. Your goal is not to look completely “washed off”, so you should choose dark colors on your clothes. Dark blue is a good choice, don’t be afraid of the others colors  such as dark green, dark purple etc.

Avoid crayon, very intense and very light, while were you would wear white choose something beige or gray. Beware of red:choose it only if your skin does not blush, otherwise chooce darker  tones (e.g. garnet, crimson).But if you like light colors you can wear them in combination with dark colors for a good balance.

2. Medium/wheaten

Your color fortunately has a wide range of options because you are somewhere in the middle. Whatever you wear will look nice on you, whether it’s dark or light. It will illuminate you more.Although, if you want to get the best result, choose shades which contrast with your skin.For example, choose a light beige instead of the color of the sand, because the latter is very close to the shade of your skin.

Also colors, such as olive green, gold, mustard and other such shades will show you pale because they will be the same  with your warm shade of your skin.Emphasize the lightest, brightest colors that will make you shine and emerge.

3. Dark

The truth is that in Greece we will not often see skins like the one on the left, but the skin tone of the man on the right its very likely to exist.We have several  that their skin is darker than the classic wheaten. If you belong to this category, you are not in danger of looking <<pale>> so often ,because your skin stands out on its own.

Try any color you want and if you even prefer bright colors tou will make  an amazing contrast. Of cource , it doesn’t mean to wear without a thought whatever color you always want like a clown, but above your jeans to try a sweater or a hoodie in bright color. But it would be good to avoid brown, because it is the same with your skin.

There some clothes that suit, but why not inform of which colors suit you and highlight your look? With the right look, you will be unforgettable because you will do something beyond the ordinary but without looking stranger on you!

Source: www.the-man.gr

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