MAN2MAN store you will find complete proposals of men’s fashion: clothes, shoes, bags, accessories, jewelry, watches, as well as selected collections for the groom.

Man2MAN executives are experienced in men’s clothing and footwear industry. In addition, a key member of our company has been in the field of men’s clothing since 1976, when he founded the AVANTI company in Thessaloniki, Greece. Day by day, this brand showed rapid growth within the Greek domestic market and in the wider region of Balkan and Cyprus and expanded to 5 retail stores in the center of Thessaloniki.

However, following the latest fashion trends and requirements, we decided to create MAN2MAN. A company that proceeds with the high demands of consumers in mind and faithfully follows the rapid development in the fashion industry and has acquired loyal customers.

MAN2MAN aims to maintain consumer’s preference for men’s clothing and footwear as well as the high quality and affordable prices in all its products combined with the excellent service offered by our experienced salesmen to highlight each consumer’s uniqueness. MAN2MAN reflects all the ambitious expectations of its customers, who appreciate value for money clothing.

In MAN2MAN you will find a large variety of men’s clothing and shoes. We respect our tradition and history in the field of men’s clothing and footwear, and we offer choices that follow modern fashion trends and match to every individual’s personality, style, and way of life.

MAN2MAN is ready to fulfill every man’s wish. All clothes marked with the MAN2MAN label, stand out for their special design, the quality of the fabrics and their impeccable fit. Our personalized proposals create a total look for every occasion, are value for money, reflect the philosophy of the company and turn your visit to MAN2MAN into a unique shopping experience.

So, we invite you to visit both our physical and online store, to be informed about current fashion trends from our products, to meet our hospitality and service, to dress yourself and your family as well as to make a present to your beloved ones. We will make sure to deliver wherever you wish.

All about fashion.

Authenticity and unique style.

“Wearing a garment establishes a moment or story of one’s life”