How to combine my colored clothes?

Πως να συνδυάσω τα χρωματιστά ρούχα μου;
You don’t wear colored clothes because you don’t know how to combine them? Find here, some easy ways and ideas to never be called gaudy!
Before you get stressed out and go to your closet to put on the black sweater with your black male jeans, let me tell you that all men have the same problem. Now that I think about it, even women empathize with you.
For your good luck, however, men’s dressing is much easier than a female one.

What colors can be worn together?


Of course you can’t remember which colors match and which don’t, nor every possible combination!
So most of you, in this question will tell you where to look at the wheel of basic colors. As you will understand looking at the photo, the wheel has 12 colors. This means that you can combine them in over 60 different ways!
To sit down now to think about which of the 60 ways are the right ones and which are the wrong ones is time consuming and tiring. So what can you do?

Neutral colors


Neutral colors are those that go with all the other shades and fit perfectly with each other as well. They are ideal to use as the basis of your outfit. These colors are black, white and grey. Additionally, it is the dark blue or the navy, which is very fashionable for the Winter of 2016, but also the café.
You will notice that the last 2 colors, which I mentioned to you, do not go with all the shades. However, they go with most of them and that is why they are classified in the neutral category.

The trick of color scheme in men’s outfit!


Now that I’ve told you what the neutral colors are, all you have to do is choose an intense color for each of your looks! What do I mean?
You can put on a red T-shirt, a grey blazer and black denim pants. You can also wear a white shirt, khaki pants and a petrol blazer.
By focusing on one color at a time you make it stand out and create incredible style, whether it’s your formal outfit or everyday.

Does this mean that i can’t wear colorful clothes?


And what about plaid men’s shirts? Or the combinations of purple with pink, worn so much? Of course you can apply the top trick, more than once.


The only thing you have to pay attention to in this case is that the colors you will combine are of the same group! For example, blue light with ciel or mustard with yellow.
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