Five instragram accounts with tips for men’s outfit!

Πέντε λογαριασμοί στο Instagram με συμβουλές για το αντρικό ντύσιμο!
Every man who wants to stand out for his style, should be informed about fashion trends, depending on the season. But who has time to sit down and look for what will be worn and combine some of these trends in the appropriate way, so that it does not seem that he has just made superhuman efforts and fell into mistakes?
You will surely think that these are women’s jobs, but if you are one of those who are really interested in their dressing, there is a way to save you a lot of trouble. I searched and found you 5 accounts on Instagram, which have tips for men’s dressing and you can follow them to get ideas!

Men’s outfit: Which instagram accounts to follow


simvoules adriko ntisimo

Denny Balmaceda is a fashion blogger from New York, who mainly follows the classic style, giving him a fresher note with the accessories he wears, since he pays special attention to hats, bags and ties, but also to shoes.
Apart from this account, he also has a blog, “Look Rich, Shop Cheap”, where he shares his styling tips with his readers, buying affordable clothes, which make them look expensive with the combinations he makes.


logariasmoi instagram adriki moda

Fabio Attanasio is from Naples and as you can imagine he follows a purely Italian style, which we all know is the most elegant there is. He collaborates with major men’s fashion magazines, such as GQ Italy, and his proposals are always incredibly elegant.
In addition, he is the founder of Bespoke Dudes Eyewear, which is a collection of sunglasses that follow the classic style, combined with a more modern look.


adriko ntisimo tips

Phil Cohen is an art director and professional bodybuilder, who presents his proposals with photos in which his face is not seen, in order to emphasize the combination of clothes alone. He loves shoes, ties and denim clothes and his choices are always quite refined.


simvoules adrika rouxa

That name on the account it’s thanks to his girlfriend Sergio Ines, who is from Cape Town, when she started uploading her good news outfits to Instagram. But since Sergio saw that his choices resonated with the male audience, he decided to create his personal blog, with the same name (what my boyfriend wore).
Here we have much more modern and youthful suggestions and you can find ideas for all hours of the day.


adriki moda rouxa

EJ Samson is owned by Hearst Digital Media Men’s Group and his role is to oversee the content of major magazines, such as Esquire and Car and Driver. He has a great weakness in blazers and always chooses impressive scarves to complete his look.
As you can see whatever the style you prefer, you can also find the appropriate account to follow, although the 5 ones we saw have very beautiful in-Fashion suggestions!
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