5 Rules to combine the colors in your outfit!

5 Κανόνες για να συνδυάσεις τα χρώματα στο ντύσιμο σου!
The total black look is undoubtedly the best choice you can make to look stylish in every look. But bright colors are what can boost your style and make you stand out for your modern look.
Most men, however, even the one who want to follow fashion, do not know how to combine the colors in their outfit and constantly fall into mistakes, which make them look at least old-fashioned. But there is no need to avoid them, as there are some basic and easy rules to always look impressive and in-fashion.

Tips to combine the colors in your outfit

1)Avoid designs

lathi styling

The designs and generally the rich motifs, whether they are in the T-shirts  and shirts or in the trousers, have the ability to attract all the attention. And while your goal is to match the colors and have pieces that complement each other, suddenly the prints only make others look at one point, which you definitely don’t want.

2)Don’t overdo it

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When we say dare to make a few combinations, we certainly don’t mean to look like the palette of a painter. Choose two or three colors at most, otherwise they will all start hitting the eye and make you look like a rainbow.

3)Wear and neutral colors

adriki moda simvoules

Sometimes, the best choice and safest choice you can make is to choose a neutral and a fairly intense color. The best neutrals are brown, grey, blue, navy (which is very much in fashion this year), and even white. And all this definitely fits with yellow, green, or even red and of course all their shades.

4)Think about the whole

adrika rouxa sindiasmos

An outfit is more than just how to choose a shirt and a pair of pants. You can add colors to your look with various men’s accessories, such as watches, tote bags and backpacks, shoes and laces, belts, or even why not socks.
So try to match the socks with the shirt, the watch with the underwear and the laces of your shoes with the shirt you will wear.
If you follow these easy rules, be sure that everyone will admire you for your style! But the main thing is to know how to wear colors, even when wearing a tie and a suit!

Remember the 3 categories: complementary, triads and analog

sindiasmoi xromaton

In the pictures we see the 12 tones of bright colors. So you can try to combine two colors, which are opposite each other (complementary colors), two or three, each located per four colors (triads), or even shades that are next to another (similar colors).

Source: www.the-man.gr

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