How to wear Your Polo T-shirt properly!

Πως να φορέσεις σωστά το Polo μπλουζάκι σου!

The Polo T-shirt is one of the easy-to-wear pieces that every man can have in his wardrobe, since it can be combined with fabric trousers, but also with shorts. Also, depending on the combination you choose you can follow a formal and absolutely elegant style or even a more athletic style.

It’s one of the outfits that James Bond didn’t part with, as you might have noticed. Of course, many men have not learned lessons from him and constantly fall into mistakes, making their look unflattering. But what should you pay attention to in order to wear it properly?

6 Tips to look elegant with your Polo T-shirt


1)Don’t wear a shirt

These T-shirts have to be relatively fit, so if you put a shirt in, you’ll only get it out of your pole and spoil your collar, making it not stand out well.

2)Make sure it’s not too narrow

The ideal size is when a finger fits between your sleeve and arm. Also, you should remember that good quality polo shirts are made from light fabrics, mainly cotton. So you have to make sure it fits nicely on your body.

3)Don’t lift your collar

This was a fashion trend, which has been disappearing for years and believed me not going to come back again. If you want to look like a 12-year-old tthen yes you can keep lifting your collar. But don’t be surprised afterwards why those around you are commenting on you!

4)Avoid stamps

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Many clothing companies put their logo in some visible place in front of the T-shirt, a prime example is Ralph Lauren. But these cannot be avoided and they may give a little extra style, since they are discreet. In no case, however, should you wear T-shirts with large stamps.

5)Don’t wear Polo with blazer

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Not that it looks unsightly, just the collar does not stand well and makes your look a little more “athletic”, it is always better to wear a shirt, which always looks impressive and elegant.

6)Make sure that you are ok on the shoulders and sleeves

You should take care that the seam of the shoulder stands on the shoulder bone and the sleeves go down about the waist and a little more than your biceps. Of course the sleeves as we said before, should not be too wide, instead better to be applied.
But you should remember that length also plays a very important role and especially if you are not too tall.



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