How to wear shorts at work?

Πως να φορέσεις σορτς στην δουλειά!
Now in the summer, when the temperature is high, the biggest problem of all men is their dressing for work, as they choose long trousers and jeans, since shorts are among the most casual clothes of the men’s wardrobe.
However, this does not mean that it is forbidden to wear them, as long as you always know the appropriate tips, so that your appearance looks more refined and elegant. These stylistic tips that you should follow are just four and we will see them in the following!

What to look out for to wear shorts at work


1.Avoid excessively bright colors

adrika shorts moda

The bright colors are quite modern and ideal for your summer and evening outings, since they are among this year’s trends, but the same is not true for the workplace.
So, the best shades you can choose are pencil or dark grey, navy blue, khaki or the faded blue. In addition, you should avoid the many plans. If you like prints so much, limit it to the thin stripe or ot box.

2. Keep your style «smart»

A smart outfit is what stands out for the combination of clothes and their elegance and not because of the fancy pieces. So make sure you avoid colored sunglasses and bucket hats. Prefer to combine them with a shirt or a polo shirt and short socks in the right color.

3. Wear right size

adrika shorts simvoules

Each fabric shorts fits differently on the body, so you should definitely try it before you buy it, so you can see that it fits you well. Its hem should be about 7 cm above your knee, while the most important thing is not to bag in front of the crotch.

4. Take care of your feet

No, I’m not talking about shaving your legs, or waxing, or even cutting your leg hairs, that can be much more unsightly than making the wrong choice.
It is just that usually men do not pay much attention to their feet. Blackened and soft legs will surely look much more impressive. So an exfoliation would be a must for dead cells to leave.


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