14 Color combinations for men only!

14 Χρωματικοί συνδυασμοί μόνο για άντρες!
The right color combinations in clothes can seem particularly difficult for men, but it is especially important to know how to combine colors correctly. There are many articles that mention that you can combine a shirt with a tie, or give advice on men’s dressing. We have selected 14 modern color combinations, ideal for any occasion, and we present them to you below.

How to properly combine your men’s clothes!

1)Dark blue and brown: a classic look

dark blue and brown

A classic combination is dark blue along with brown color. Choose to wear a pair of trousers in brown shades along with a blue shirt or a dark jacket and you will have the ultimate look for an afternoon walk. If it’s a little cold, prefer to wear a flatcap to keep your head warm too.

2)How to combine bright colors

striking colour combinations

If you like bright colors in your clothes, then yellow is a wonderful color to try. It may not be very common in men, but if you combine it correctly you will leave the best impressions.
Yellow, then, can be combined with all shades of blue but also with grey. Choose a T-shirt in grey to maintain balance, while prefer a dark blue trousers and a lighter scarf to have a complete look.

3)What color to wear with a striped T-shirt

colour options for stripes

Striped clothes give a more casual feel to your look. For this reason you can combine them with many colors. Grey, mustard, blue and red are some of them. Choose a striped T-shirt in dark shades and combine it with a grey coat and mustard trousers, while prefer a blue scarf to keep up with the colors of your T-shirt.

4)What colors to combine with a grey suitgrey colour combinations

If you’re in a job where you have to wear a suit, that doesn’t mean you should look dull and be like all other employees. By choosing the right colors and designs, I am sure you will become one of the most elegant men in the office.
If your suit has a pattern, such as plaid, prefer to wear a blue shirt with a different pattern. Some colors that also match grey are brown and crimson, which you can wear on a tie or scarf.

light mustard combinations

In addition to crimson and brown, a grey suit can be combined with soft shades of mustard color. Buy a coat in these shades and you will win.

5)Color combinations for professional look

colour combinations for professionals

You can look professional even without a suit. Wear a blue shirt along with a pair of trousers in mustard shades and you will have everything you need. As for the accessories, a tie in dark blue and with red stripes, and a brown belt will complete your set.

6)Classi color combination

colours for professionals

The colors that combine very well together are grey, blue and light blue. A light blue shirt combined with a grey suit or a grey coat is an ideal combination for professionals. At the same time, these colors can be combined with red and beige, which you can use in some accessories, such as your backpack and scarf.
A coat that can look impressive on you is the one in a beige hue. It may seem very light to you but the truth is that it is easily combined with dark colors. Choose a blue suit along with a bright blue or white shirt and a brown belt with matching shoes and you will show off not only your coat but also your entire set.

7)How to combine brown pants

brown and red colours

A brown trouser can be wonderfully combined with a red sweater in red, in the shade of wine. Along with brown shoes in a slightly darker shade and a blue-red plaid shirt, you’ll have a modern and comfortable look for all hours of the day.

dark green and brown colours

In addition to red, a brown trousers fit perfectly with dark green. Choose a cardigan in this shade along with a shirt in the shade of ice so that your outfit does not look too«heavy» 

8)Combinations in natural colors

natural colours

The brown we mentioned above is a natural color that you can wear every season. Now that autumn is here, natural colors are the best choice you have to make. Wear a black pair of trousers along with a beige T-shirt and a mouse coat and you’ll have the ultimate autumn look. If you want to put a little color on your look, prefer to wear a scarf that will also contain a few red shades.

9)Combinations in dark colors

skoura xromata sindiasmos

In addition to natural shades, in winter you will mainly choose to put darker colors. There are many ways to combine them correctly.
Wear a black pair of pants and prefer to combine it with a sweater in various shades, such as dark brown, orange, blue and grey. On top she wore a dark blue coat and you’re ready. You may have a generally dark outfit but that’s a stylish color combination.

10)Color combination for daily dressing

casual look colour combinations

Jeans are probably not missing from your daily wardrobe. You may think that a pair of denim pants can be combined with everything, but the truth is that not all colors match it. If you want to maintain an elegant everyday look, try wearing a white blouse and a cardigan in grey-blue shades, while choosing your shoes to be in a different shade, such as dark brown.

11)How to combine red pants

light grey and red colours

Trousers in bright colors, and especially red, have been in fashion in recent years. I would suggest you try wearing such pants and combine it with grey, white and black shades. Wear a white shirt, a grey vest along with a jacket and a black belt and you’re all set.

12)How combine red blazer

red colour combinations

While red pants need light-colored combinations, the same is not true with red blazers. You will definitely need a light-colored shirt, but the rest of your accessories choose to be in brown and various other red shades.

Source: www.the-man.gr

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