What is in men’s fashion this summer!

Τι είναι στην αντρική μόδα φέτος το καλοκαίρι!
As we enter summer for good, we see new trends constantly being added to men’s fashion, which are ideal for all styles of men. Their appearance has made some extremely youthful suggestions, but also simpler, for those who prefer tasteful dressing without however much exaggeration.
These impressive suggestions concern the colors, the style of clothes, but of course also the designs, which are worn a lot in 2016. Do you know what these fashion trends are and what you can choose so that you are always in-Fashion?

What men’s clothes and shoes are in fashion this summer

1)Navy shorts

adrika sorts

Navy style is from last year among the hottest suggestions. More specifically, however, as far as shorts are concerned, you should take care when choosing them to fit perfectly to the height of your waist, narrow slightly in the thighs and stop just above your knee.

2)Beige Chinos

adrika Chinos pantelonia

Chinos men’s trousers have a very light fabric, which makes them ideal for summer and of course very comfortable. It is also an extremely good choice for shorter men, since at their finish they are narrower and show longer legs. As for the color, he preferred beige rather than white.

3)T-shirts and short – sleeve shirts with designs

adrika t-shirts

kontomanika poukamisa moda

Floral designs and tropical prints have held a special place in the fashion industry for the last two years. It’s a great way to wear various bright colors, without your result being tacky. Also, with this style as you understand, you emphasize from the waist up and you can combine such a t-shirt or short-sleeved shirt with your blazer.

4)Polo T-shirts

polo adrika mplouzakia

If you are one of the busy businessmen who need elegant clothes that are convenient and cool, then the best choice you can make is the polo T-shirts. But make sure you don’t choose pieces with very bright colors and designs, but to keep your look simpler.

5)White long – sleeve shirt

adriki moda kalokairi 2015

White shirts are the best choice for summer, since due to their color they are cooler on hot summer days. As a fabric, you can choose between linen shirts, but also light cotton shirts, since they are more airy.


adrikes espadriges 2015

Those who think that moccasins are women’s shoes are making a huge mistake. They are the perfect casual shoes for men for this season as well, as they are very comfortable, cool and incredibly stylish, whether you wear them in shorts or with your chino. And here the ideal colors are white and navy.

7)White Trainers

adrika papoutsia kalokeri 2015

The white trainers are timeless and give a fresh note to your summer outfit. You can combine them with all your clothes, as long as you don’t choose many bright colors. An even better choice you can make is the trainers with leather details.

Source: www.the-man.gr

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