Men’s outfit : Six tricks to look slimmer!

Every man wants to look impressive and feel confident in himself with the clothes he wears. Whether it’s the first date with the girl who has stolen your heart, the interview at an important job, or more simply a night out with your friends, you should choose the right men’s outfit for your body type.
Like women, men want to look as weak as possible and try it even with the combination of clothes they choose.
So, if you are one of the men who have a few extra pounds and you want to look more elegant and attractive to women, all you have to do is follow the tricks you will see next!

What to wear to look slimmer?

1)Wear clothes in the right size

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Many are the cases of men who consider that by wearing bigger and wider clothes that they manage to cover the points in which they have the problem. On the other hand, however, many are also those who choose the narrowest clothes.
Whether you have a large tummy or thicker thighs and buns, the best way not to draw all the attention to these points is to wear the right size without sticking the clothes on you, nor making creases from the excess fabric.

2)Do not wear clothes with bold patterns

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No matter how boring the simplest T-shirts and shirts may seem to you, they are definitely the best options so as not to stress even more the points you want to cover. You certainly can’t achieve this with pieces that have bold designs and colors, since they attract the eyes of others on their own.
If you don’t want your clothes to be simple and plain color, you can choose some pieces with vertical stripes that will make you look taller.

3)Choose T-shirts with V neckline

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Sweaters and generally T-shirts with v neckline give the illusion that you are taller and weaker. It goes without saying, however, that there should be a measure and not the opening should reach the bottom of the chest. This may seem obvious to you, but you have certainly met a man with such a blouse.
But in order to have the ideal style, make sure that the fabrics you choose are light, so that they fall beautifully on your waist.

4)Wear simple pants

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Simplicity as we mentioned earlier is everything. So if you’re a fan of bleached jeans or the most hip-hop style, I’ll disappoint you.
The best choice for you is the trousers that sit right on your waist and are in a straight line, without pleats or bell opening (if someone is still wearing them!). As for the color, as you might well imagine, dark colors such as black, blue and grey are the best.

5)Dress in black

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If your favorite movie is “Men in Black,” then it’s time to become one of the protagonists.
Surely you have heard that black loses weight and it is no coincidence that they have been saying it for so many years. You can put this color where you think your weight looks the most or even better to make a total black outfit, which always looks elegant and elegant.
The same effective, however, will be any other dark enough color, as long as you do not combine it with a strong enough, because the contrast that will be created will attract the eyes to the point you do not want.

6)Don’t tie your belt tightly

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This is the most classic and unsightly mistake, made by those who have a bigger belly or even a glice. The belt should be tied just enough so that your pants do not fall and not cut your belly in two or make it fly over as if it is twice as long.
As you can understand, it does not want trouble but also the right dressing tips. Make simpler choices and you will see that you will look much more elegant in the eyes of others, but of course also in your own!


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