What should a man wear to a wedding!

Τι να φορέσει ένας άντρας σ’ ένα γάμο!
There are many articles that mention what a woman should wear when she is invited to a wedding, but what about men? What can a man wear when he has to go to a wedding? The truth is that many men have no idea of which clothes are suitable in a wedding.
One of the most difficult parts when you are invited to a wedding is to find the right outfit. You can’t just put on what you wear to go out on a Saturday night, but it would be good to wear something that is in fashion. After all, being in a marriage means that you will have the opportunity to meet new people, and if you are a bachelor, you may also meet a remarkable girl.


What to wear if you are a wedding guest!

1. Wear something to match your partner

matching partners

If you have a partner, make sure you discuss with her exactly what you will wear. You wouldn’t want to look like you don’t fit in with her or that you’re trying to undermine her own look. The suit is the ideal choice. Many times your girlfriend’s dress can help you choose something similar. For example, if she decides to wear a dress reminiscent of the 60s, then try putting on something similar yoursel


2. Don’t wear something to overshadow the bride and the groomwedding experimentation

This, in my opinion, is one of the most important points to keep in mind. You are a guest at the wedding, so you should realize that this event is not about you, but about the newlyweds. Don’t wear anything to steal the show. Choose to put on something classic, a suit tailored to your needs or a tuxedo. Also, it is advisable to avoid wearing a white suit. White is the color of the bride, and just as the rule of white dress applies to women, so it applies to you


3. Don’t prepare at the last minute

last minute preparation

If you haven’t thought about what you’re going to put on at the wedding at least 1 week earlier, then you might end up wearing that suit that you put on at another wedding many years ago, and which you’ve been putting on ever since


Take some time to do your shopping to buy something nice. Try buying something new. If you are a close friend of the bride and groom, it would be good to dedicate some time and money to buy something special. Also, it would be good to polish your shoes and iron whatever you are going to wear to be presentable.

4. Dress up depending on the period of the wedding

appropriate wedding attire

Always take into account the period of the marriage. Is it summer and is done on a beach? Then you probably shouldn’t wear synthetic fabric, but something lighter to be cool. Is it winter? Then you have to wear something warmer. Take into account the location, the weather, but also the duration of the event, and dress accordingly.
See below some suggestions depending on the time of the wedding:

What to wear a man at a winter wedding

Z Zegna suit

A wool suit is a must for the cold days of winter. Choose to wear a black suit tailored to your needs and you will definitely have an ideal look.

Ted Baker suit

This dark blue tuxedo is the ideal choice for a man who is in fashion and has refined taste.

skinny suit

Another suit that can be worn in winter is the suit in dark grey. Such a suit should be in your wardrobe, as you can mix-and-match with a black suit and have many more options.

tuxedo jacket

Since it’s winter, how about wearing a velvet jacket? The above jacket in dark blue color can get you out of trouble.

grey jacket

This dark grey jacket is ideal for a winter wedding since it is made of wool and will keep you warm.

What to wear a man at a autumn wedding

suit jacket

A wool dark grey blazer is perfect for any man who is in fashion. This particular outfit will definitely put you in the most well-dressed guests.

tailored vest

This vest is what you need to feel comfortable even when dancing, while its satin back adds a little shine to your ensemble.

pinstriped suit

A suit in a more everyday style can help you save money in the future. Choose to wear a striped wool suit, and you will have made a good investment.

Boss suit


This plaid suit is a timeless design and its wool composition will keep you warm in the fall.

What  to wear a man at a summer wedding

Z Zegna summer suit

When you think about summer, you definitely don’t think of a wool outfit or suit. In this particular case, however, the suit is really light and ideal for a summer wedding.

beige suit

This beige suit is a must for the summer because of its color and fabric.

wool suit

If you would like to spend a little more money, then this is a suit that you should try.

red sport coat

If you like colors, then a red jacket is perfect for you. The chambray fabric makes your jacket modern, and if you combine it with a blue pair of trousers, as in the photo, you will have a nautical style.

linen shirt

If the wedding takes place in a place where you do not have to dress formally, then you are lucky. Set the tie aside, wear a linen shirt and lift your sleeves slightly up.

khaki suit jacket

When you think of a wedding on the beach, you definitely think of a suit in light brown color because it is modern and classic.

brown linen suit

Another similar option for a wedding on the beach is the linen suit in a brown tint.

What to wear a man at a spring wedding

dark grey suit

Dark grey is a color that can be worn every season. You can combine this suit with a tie in the same color and you will have a more everyday look.

navy suit

Combine a dark blue suit with a plaid shirt and a purple tie and you will have wonderfully combined the colors and designs in your clothes.

shirt for wedding

You will most likely take off your blazer the moment you arrive at the reception and sit down to eat. So make sure your shirt is a classic choice.

Source: www.the-man.gr

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