Men’s fashion : Which colors suit your skin!

Ανδρική μόδα : Ποια χρώματα ταιριάζουν στην επιδερμίδα σου!
As men’s fashion changes and colors come more and more to the fore, you will surely want to try various shades on your clothes to get out of the ordinary. But things are not that simple. Unfortunately, not all colors fit every skin, so finding the color that flatters you can be harder than you imagine
There are some basic rules that can help you in buying the right garment for you to choose the colors that flatter you. The main rule to know is that in order to understand which colors are right for you, you must first determine your skin type (dark, medium, light). To understand this you just have to look at your arm.

Men’s clothes : Skin type and what colors fit

1)Dark skin

If you have dark skin, then you are one of the lucky ones since you can try all the colors. Your color matches all the colors and shades without having the fear of looking pale. You can, therefore, wear bright colors but it would be good to keep the balance by choosing a color that will unite your whole whole.
The color you should avoid is brown because it doesn’t make much contrast to the color of your skin. Also, try to have just a few pieces of black and dark blue. You can have clothes in these colors since they are classic colors for a man but make sure they are not many.

2)Medium skin color

If your skin is not light and dark, then you can choose a wider range of colors.
Most colors fit you, but you are better suited to shades that are a little lighter or darker than your skin. For the summer you can choose the white color or you can “play” with some neutral colors.
Because of your color, it is good to avoid yellow or green shades. Because these colors are close to the colors of your skin, all you will manage is to pass the color on your clothes and look like you are not wearing clothes. If you have managed to get enough color in the summer and be tanned, then you could also wear completely white or pastel colors.

3)Fair skin

Are you blond, with red or light brown hair? Do you have freckles? Are you trying to stay away from the sun? So, if you have light skin, then you have to choose colors that are completely opposite if you want to give color to your appearance.
For this reason, chose darker shades, such as grey, brown, dark blue, burgundy and some intense shades of blue. On the other hand, it would be good to avoid pastels or bright colors as they will make you look even pale. Also avoided white and beige and prefer shades in the color of sand, khaki and camel.
Just because I recommend these colors only doesn’t mean you can’t wear some colored clothes. Just make sure you combine soft colors with darker ones.
In addition to these rules, try to listen to the comments that others make to you about the clothes you wear, and you will understand what suits you best. After all, with your clothes you express your personality. There are many ways to combine colored clothes, just choose the one that suits you best.


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