53 Suits for groom’s outfit!

53 Κοστούμια για γαμπριάτικο ντύσιμο!
The groom’s outfit is just as important as the wedding dress, since both the bride and the groom want to look impressive at their wedding.
There are several different styles that you can follow by choosing your groom’s suit, as it is not necessary to limit yourself to something very classic, but you can make a combination that will suit your personality more.
In addition, another factor that you should think about when choosing, is the concept you have chosen together with your partner for your wedding, so that your choices fit.
But because, today, most if not all of them are looking for proposals for affordable costumes that are not devoid of style, I have found some pretty good proposals at very good prices!

Groom’s outfit: affordable suits that you can wear at your wedding!

Black groom’s suits

The black color on the groom’s blazer and trousers are among the most classic and safe choices you can make. This color suits all men without exception, whether they have lighter skin and hair or have darker characteristics.
Also, it is sure that your look will fit well with your partner, since the elegance you will have is a given. If you don’t want your look to be so strict, you can play brightly on the shirt you choose to wear, but also on your tie.

2)Grey and silver groom’s suits

The grey color is an equally elegant choice, which goes a little beyond the very strict and classic style and precisely for this reason it is preferred by more and more people.
There are several shades between which you can choose, thinking about the time when your wedding takes place. For example, if we are talking about a summer or even autumn wedding, where the weather is still sunny, you can choose a lighter grey and leave the dark gray or grey blue for the winter months.
In addition, along with the grey suits you can also find silver, which are ideal for a more glamorous wedding, as long as you do not combine it with other bright colors and lose all your finesse.

3)Blue affordable groom’s suits

Whether you want a slightly more casual outfit or prefer tuxedos, the blue suit is definitely one of the best choices you can make to have a youthful and at the same time meticulous look at your wedding.
As you can see for yourself, the suggestions start from dark shades, while you can also find several suits with a more intense or light blue color, even in satin fabric to look even more glamorous.
It would be good, however, to be informed first of the rules that exist to combine your colored suits, so as not to make excessive combinations.

4)Beige and brown groom’s suits

Here we have two opposite options, since the brown color is an excellent proposal for a winter groom’s outfit, while the beige is excellent for both spring and summer. Depending on the season, you can also choose the color from your jacket and pants.
As for the combinations you can make, coffee is a more classic piece, unlike beige which you can easily combine with a blue, lilac, even pink shirt or tie.

5)Colored groom’s suits

Finally, there are also men who want to make a more eccentric appearance and in order to achieve this they choose very different colors from the usual ones, such as red, pink, green, but also burgundy.

Source: www.the-man.gr


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