How do women want a man to dress?

Πως θέλουν οι γυναίκες να ντύνεται ένας άντρας;
You want to impress with your style and look, but you don’t know the way women would like to dress?

See here 5 useful tips!

In general, women are known to be impressed by a nice male stylish look, but without paying much attention to whether you have worn the latest fashion.
But because most of you somewhere miss the whole thing, I prepared for you five very easy ways to impress with your style!

What like women to wear a man?

1)To dress with confidence

adriko ntisimo simvoules

Nothing is more appealing than a man who feels confident and shows it with his outfit. The worst thing is to be worn by clothes and not by you.
Of course I don’t mean the style of the classic man that whatever comes to mind will wear it, just because he believes it’s him and no one else. Always your clothes and their combination to fluctuates in normal contexts.
And don’t forget that a youthful haircut and a warm smile can help your appearance even more.

2)Don’t try too hard with trends

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Wanting to follow fashion finds us in agreement, but the point is not to show that you are making superhuman efforts to wear something just because it is fashionable.
The best thing to do is to keep your style and just add some fashion trends, such as colors or designs, so that your ensemble looks more natural.
You don’t have to change your whole wardrobe every 3 months, but have identity.

3)Don’t underestimate the classic style

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The classic style is timeless and believed with it all women, even the most fashionable.
The dark blue or black blazer with a dark sweater from the inside, always gives type to all men. So just keep your style as simple as possible!

4)Wear color but with attention

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Yes we like the style of Markoras from the two strangers who were always in black and generally dark colors, but you should learn to experiment with more intense colors.
Of course, the color of your hair and your skin also plays a role. What you should keep in mind is that the darker features you have, the more light colors suit you.

5)Keep wearing good jeans

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Attention to detail is incredibly important when we talk about dressing up, and a makeshift jeans definitely doesn’t help your look.
So what you have to do is spend time finding the perfect one for you and trying to avoid the excesses that are in fashion from time to time. What is always in Fashion is definitely the black jean and generally the dark without trolls tearing and queuing.


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