20 Suggestions for Groom suits 2017!

20 Προτάσεις για γαμπριάτικα κοστούμια 2017!
A man may not need many things at a wedding, but he will surely want everyone to remember him for the suit he will be wearing that day.
So, if the big day has come for you too, then it would be good to choose a suit that is in line with the latest fashion trends so as not to go unnoticed. After all, it shouldn’t just be the bride in the spotlight on such a day!

Men’s Groom suits 2016

Light color groom suits 2016


If you would like to escape from the classic black suit that characterizes many grooms, there are several suggestions in white, light grey, silver and blue electric suits. White may not seem like an ideal color, but if combined correctly it is a wonderful choice.
You can combine it with golden, blue and black details and you will have a unique set. A suit that will surely impress is in an electric blue hue. It doesn’t have to be the whole suit in that color. You can choose a blazer or trousers in blue and combine it with white shades.

Dark color groom suits 2016

If you are a fan of the classic and you do not like colorful suits, then you can choose a darker suit in black, grey or dark blue color. Of course you can add a modern touch to your look, adding a pink or red vest and a tie in a more intense color.

Source: www.the-man.gr

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