Elegant suggestions for men’s dressing at a wedding or christening!

Κομψές Ιδέες για ανδρικό ντύσιμο σε γάμο ή βαφτίσια!
Are you invited to a wedding or christening of your own person and you don’t know what to wear, for this occasion?
The older you are, the more your obligations become. Celebrations, birthdays, engagements, weddings are all in the game.
What matters is that you are invited to a wedding and you simply cannot avoid it. So what do you do? You put in your good mood and go shopping, and that’s where it all starts. What to take, in what color, with what shoes and with what to combine them?
The best option would be to take a woman with you to suggest the right combinations, but if you get her you know you will do at least 3 hours. So the solution is one, Get informed and do it yourself and right!

What to wear at a summer wedding

Especially for the summer you have many options and especially in bright colors. But which color matches which one?

antrika rouxa kalokairiantrika rouxa kalokairi

Colored trousers are breaking this year at all ages. Blue and green are two very fitting colors. Use brown details to make your ensemble even more impressive.

antrika rouxa kalokairiantrika rouxa kalokairi

Blue and light blue can be combined with several colors, excellent choices of white and beige.

kalokairina antrika rouxakalokairina antrika rouxa

The last sentence is the boldest. Perhaps the best choice you can make, if you prefer modern dressing. Bright colors and yet so harmoniously tied together.

What to wear at a winter wedding

You may not have the same options as a woman, but you can also play with colors and accessories. Of course, to tell the truth, if you do not manage to find any of the following combinations, simply choose a total black look that is always a must!


antriko ntisimo

An excellent choice is the black and blue suit, with a striped blue shirt and tie in pink hue. It is essential if the belt as here is in another color, you must wear the same color shoes in order to support.

antriko ntisimo

Another incredible combination is the brown suit with a blue or petrol shirt and tie. The shoes you will choose naturally and will be brown, preferably dark.

antriko ntisimo

Great options both, if you prefer the most classic style and black color. Just be careful not to fall into the trap and dress like a waiter or groom.

antriko ntisimo gamou

And the grey suit is a solid value, as long as it is not glossy. An excellent choice for this particular suit is the blue shirt with burgundy tie and black shoes or burgundy.

antriko ntisimo gamou

Now the most modern men. Light-colored fitted trousers, gray-brown jacket and shirt and scarf matching the belt in a brown-beige tint.

antriko ntisimo gamou

Finally, for the more advanced and alternative, there is again a solution. Of course you could take off the little ones and keep all the rest of the look. You could also try some more intense color on the pants. Ideal for the blue jacket is the green.

Which is your style;

Source: www.the-man.gr

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