How to wear your good shirt in summer!

Πως να φορέσεις το καλό σου πουκάμισο το καλοκαίρι!
As far as men’s clothing is concerned, you have to admit that men have far fewer choices than women. While women have a wide variety of summer dresses and skirts to choose from, men have a simple choice of pants and a few options in men’s shirts. And now that the heat has begun it can be difficult to put on your best and look comfortable.

Tips to wear your good shirt in summer!

The good shirt is not just for lawyers and accountants. Now it can be worn on various occasions, regardless of season, and by all men.
  • Buttons: Clasp your shirt upstairs to get a more elegant look, even when you’re not wearing a tie. For a stylish everyday outfit, you can leave the top button open. The more everyday your outfit, the more buttons you’ll leave open. Don’t exaggerate though. You don’t have to show your whole chest.
  • Sleeves: Long sleeves and tie give you a more elegant look. But you can turn your sleeves up or up to your elbows for a more everyday look.
  • Inside/Outside the pants: If you’re on a formal occasion, you have to wear your shirt from the inside. But if you’re on a more comfortable occasion, the shirt from the outside is also okay. However, it would be good to decide what to do before you leave the house. If you decide to take off the shirt halfway through, then it will be wrinkled and you will not look nice. If you reach the office and quickly put the shirt through the pants without seeing in a mirror, it will not stand properly. So decide what you want to do and don’t change your mind.
If you decide to leave your shirt outside, then it should be just below your waist and not completely above the cavalo.

Summer suggestions for men

While your good shirt was used in the old days only for formal occasions, to go to work and to combine it with a suit, in recent years the rules have changed and you now have a wide variety of options at your disposal. Here are some summer ideas for men who will show you how to make the most of your good shirt.

1. Summer suggestions for the work

If you work in an office, chances are that you are trembling in the summer months in front of the computer. With the right attire, however, you can look elegant and comfortable without having to open the air conditioner.
The classic suit you wear at work is black or blue along with a white shirt, which is not an ideal choice when it’s hot. The mistake that most men make in the summer is to take their shirt off and loosen their tie. You think that in this way you will feel more comfortable but in reality your appearance is imperfect and messy.
Instead, choose to wear lighter colors, such as the color of sand, cream, beige and pale grey. If you wear a suit in the color of sand, then you need to choose a soft shade on the shirt to combine it. Avoid white as it will mix with the soft color of the blazer.

To complete your look wear brown shoes with light-colored socks. Alternatively, you can buy socks that go up to the height of the shoe, so you will have a look without your socks being visible.
Depending on how formal you want your look to be, you can tie your tie or leave it more relaxed. If you choose to wear a tie, try putting on a cotton in light color or avoid putting on a tie and unbutton only the first two buttons. No one wants to see your chest in the office.

Summer everyday outfit for men

You may think it’s hard to have a casual look wearing your good shirt, but it’s not impossible.
Just because you wear a shirt doesn’t mean you have to wear a blazer, good shoes or pants. You can choose an unmatched suit. But when you choose to have a more everyday outfit, you have even more freedom.
A chinos pair of trousers or denim shorts will contrast with the good appearance of the shirt, and will give you a casual but modern summer look. Roll up your sleeves and open a few buttons on your shirt and it will make you feel even more comfortable and relaxed.

The secret to this style is that the official elements of the ensemble should be seen in balance with the most everyday ones. That’s why if you wear a white shirt, it should be white and not greyed out. Similarly, your white shoes should be clean and not scratched.
If you think you can’t have a perfectly clean look, you can try wearing a pink or blue pastel shirt. In this case you can be more flexible with your shoes since you can wear sportswear, slip-ons or even sandals if you are on the beach.

Summer outfit for a party

No one wants to be that guy who appears at an official event with the T-shirt and short pants because he’s sunshine. It can be difficult to understand what to wear when you have to look stylish as well as casual. The best solution is to dress elegantly and then try to mitigate it.
A motley suit is a nice choice to have a casual business look. You give the impression that you have just left the office, but you are ready to relax and meet people. Wear a light-colored shirt you can wear one with light patterns, then add a dark blue jacket and tie. The jacket should be light, so try wearing a linen/cotton or a mixture of woolen with a soft knit.

Choose a pair of pants in lighter color to accompany the blazer. A good pair of pants will make you look more well-dressed, while chinos pants will give you a more casual look. Finish your look with slip-on shoes that will make you feel more comfortable but at the same time give you style. Here, too, you can wear socks that go up to the height of the shoe.

What is a good shirt?

A good shirt is an essential garment in a man’s wardrobe. It’s the classic choice for businessman or those who want a more stylish look, but you can also wear it on a more everyday occasion. It can be difficult to distinguish a good shirt from a daily shirt, so I’ll give you some tips on what to look for when looking for a good shirt.

  • A tight collar. Good shirts tend to keep their shape better in all places, and with a tight collar you won’t need a collar with buttons.
  • Long sleeves. A good shirt has long sleeves with tight cuffs that retain their shape better than a sports shirt.
  • Color. The classic formal shirt is always white, although lately there is a greater variety of colors. This of course does not mean that you will find them in crazy colors and patterns.
  • Material: A good shirt is always made of the best materials as you choose them for their quality and application. This means that it can be quite expensive. If you find a cheap shirt, then you have to question its quality.

What to look out for when buying a good shirt

You may be wondering how you can wear your good shirt when it’s hot without feeling warm. The mistake you make is to wear the same shirt all year round. If you buy the right shirt for the right season, you will be elegant and you will not sweat at all.


If you have no idea of the style of knitting, then just hold your shirt in your hands. If you feel it soft and translucent, then it has been created with loose knit and is ideal for very high temperatures.

Size and fit

Once you understand the type of shirt you want, you need to find the right size and fit. Many men choose baggy shirts when it’s hot. You may think they’re cooler, but in reality they can warm you up even more, and not look nice on you.
The fitted shirts combined with a jacket look more elegant when worn through the pants, while a looser shirt is better for a more everyday look. Choose a shirt that suits you perfectly and is not too tight so as not to feel uncomfortable.


This is the most important thing to look out for when buying a product suitable for the heat. Buying the right material is easy look for natural fabrics. Cotton is the best fabric for the summer as it keeps you cool and dries very quickly. Some other fabrics that can keep you cool are linen and wool.

Linen is a fabric that breathes, but unfortunately creases very easily. Good shirts are usually made from more durable fabrics and for this reason you may find it difficult to find one in linen. But you can find one that combines cotton and linen.

When you hear woolen, you may be thinking of woolen gloves and a cap. With the right knitting, however, you can have a garment that breathes and is suitable when it is hot with moisture as it absorbs moisture removing it from the skin and dries very quickly.


Summer is the season of soft colors. You can wear colorful shirts and colorful suits. The good shirt was usually white but no longer. Try wearing a soft blue, pink and grey shirt that will make you look stylish. The soft colors reflect the light, while the darker ones absorb it. That’s why it’s a good time to avoid black and dark blue options. You may think you’re hiding the problem with sweat, but you’re probably sweating even more
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