What does the color of the clothes you wear show!

Τι δείχνει το χρώμα των ρούχων που φοράς!
The color of our clothes is part of fashion and can make us stand out for our choices and impressive style. It’s not just the prints and how quality the pieces we choose are, that contribute to having a beautiful outfit.
Obviously, it is very important to know how to combine the colors in your outfit, but they also show things about the character and mood we have at that moment when we are wearing them, and they also affect how others see us with the subconscious messages we conveys on to them.
For example, it is no coincidence that almost all fast food uses red, orange, or yellow to attract their customers and offer them a more pleasant space. But what can each color look like?

What does the color of the clothes we wear indicate!

1)Red clothes

The red color brings out a sex-like energy, symbolizes dominance, strength, determination, passion and enthusiasm, while of course it shows that we seek attention.

2)Pink clothes

Pink is a color that calms us down, while showing that we are compassionate, optimistic, loyal, but also friendly to those around us.

3)Orange clothes

Orange symbolizes boldness, friendliness, warmth and happiness, while conveys the message that we are courageous, successful and enthusiastic people.

4)Brown clothes

Brown now makes us look more accessible, firm in our opinions and trustworthy to others. But because it is a color that symbolizes the relaxed mood, it is ideal for our casual looks.

5)Yellow clothes

Yellow is one of the brightest choices in the color palette you can make. It makes us look optimistic, enthusiastic, happy and playful and confident. In addition, it conveys the message that we are anxious people who are constantly alert and quite communicative and intelligent.

6)Green clothes

Here now we have a loose color, which characterizes vitality, harmony, compassion, prosperity and abundance, while giving prestige to our appearance.

7)Blue clothes

Blue symbolizes knowledge, respect, happiness, tranquility, faith, integrity, honesty and trust. In addition, it shows us more serious, but also sociable, who take care of those around them, but also more reliable.

8)Purple clothes

Purple makes us look decent, strong, with passion, with vision, with imagination and with love for luxury. It also makes us more respectful and witty in the eyes of others.

9)Golden and silver clothes

Obviously both of these colors symbolize luxury and expensive taste, but also wisdom and prestige.

10)Black clothes

Black is everyone’s favorite color. It shows elegance, dignity and authority. Those who use it often look more refined, seductive and mysterious.

11)Grey clothes

Grey is a color that makes us look smarter and more refined, while passing the message that we are trustworthy and very effective in our actions

12)White clothes

White, like black, shows our status, while also symbolizing virtue, fertility, cleanliness, and prosperity.
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