What men’s shoes to wear with each shorts!

Ποια ανδρικά παπούτσια να φορέσεις με κάθε βερμούδα!
The men’s first move as soon as summer comes in, is to take off the pants and put them aside so they can wear their comfortable and cool shorts. The shorts can be worn at all hours of the day and there are styles for all occasions, casual and not. But it is enough to combine each category with the appropriate men’s shoes.
The combination is what makes it difficult for most men, since apart from the colors, they are not sure whether the products they have chosen to wear fit in order to have an elegant style.
With the tips you will see next though, you will be solved every question and you will always be in fashion, even with your shorts!

Which men’s shoes fit in each type of shorts!

Chino men’s shorts

Chino trousers and shorts are worn by those who want an intermediate style from the smart and the casual. It’s the best costume choice you can make for the job and the best part is that there’s a huge variety of colors and you don’t have to limit yourself to the classics, black and blue.

papoutsia Chino sorts

As for the shoes you can wear, a very summer suggestion is the boat shoes. For a dinner though, it would be better to prefer loafers and on top of that wear a white shirt. Of course, if you want to make your whole style even more casual, you can wear them with your white sneakers.

Jean men’s shorts

jean andrika sorts tips

The jean fabric can be much warmer, compared to the rest we find in shorts, but they are much easier to combine with either a shirt, a T-shirt and a sleeveless T-shirt, always depending on the occasion.

But as you can see, you can wear your shoes from your tall Chuck Taylors to your Vans sneakers. Even your sneakers would be very nice on your daily walks. If you are on holiday and want something even more relaxed, you can combine them with your sandals or flip flops.

Jersey shorts

Jersey shorts are the simplest and most athletic, which you can wear from the gym to the Sunday barbecue you will do with your friends. So you don’t need to over-effort in the way you wear them.

For a comfortable and relaxed look, the ideal shoes are athletic shoes, but also sneakers, while no matter how risky it may seem to you, you can combine them with your suede loafers. As for the beach, I think it is unnecessary to mention that flip flops are the easiest solution.

Fabric men’s shorts

Fabric shorts now or otherwise tailored shorts, are among the musts for both work and formal occasions, such as christenings and weddings or a formal meal. So, they are probably the only pieces that want a little more attention to how they will be combined.

Here now, you can wear your good shoes, whether they are loafers or drivers and generally pieces without laces. But if you want to wear something light and cool, limit yourself to leather sandals. But under no circumstances do not wear flip-flops, because you will lose all the elegance you should have.
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