How to wear a blue suit on any occasion!

Άνδρες με μπλε κοστούμια
A blue suit can look extremely youthful and modern, since it goes beyond the usual, such as the classic black, which is one of the first choices of all men.
Strange as it may seem to you, blue is considered a more versatile color, as there are many shades to choose from, from the darkest for slightly older ages and more formal occasions to the most intense, for younger ages who want to follow the fashion faithfully.
The most important thing is to choose the shade that best suits both your skin tone and your characteristics.
But even if it wasn’t in the trends of 2016, it would still be a safe choice, so you always look impressive, as long as you wear it properly for every occasion!

Tips to wear a blue suit depending on the occasion!

1)Men’s outfit for Casual occasions

For your more casual looks, you can choose a blue blazer and combine it with pastel colors or again with blue to have a nautical style, which is also in fashion for 2016.
Also the white color on shirt or polo t-shirt is a constant value. To give more intensity you can use accessories in bright colors, while the preferred shoes to complete your look are sneakers and preferably in classic colors without designs, such as white again.

2)Men’s outfit for professional look

Even in the company you work for, don’t hesitate to wear a blue suit. The safest option is to choose a dark shade and from the inside put on a white shirt and a bright tie. Of course, you can experiment with brighter blue shades, but as long as you don’t overdo the accessories you will use. The ideal shoes in this case are in dark brown color, while as far as the tie is concerned, you can choose one in green or even red color.

3)Men’s outfit for evening walks

Here now again a dark blue would be an excellent choice or alternatively a grey blue, which however will not be very intense. As for the shirt, you can choose a more vivid color, to have a more modern look. On the other hand, you can choose a suit with a strong pattern, but wearing a classic white shirt and not a colored one.

4)Men’s outfit for formal occasions

At the end, for the most formal occasions you can choose a plaid suit in not too intense color and with thin stripes, so that it does not look too old. You can combine it with one with a classic white shirt and a thin tie or bow tie.
Your shoes now should have the same color as your belt, and if you want to stand out for your style you should wear a cross blazer.


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