Choosing the right fabric for a suit!

Κάλτσες Πουρνάρα με μικροσχέδια
Are you bored of the usual when you’re getting ready for the office? Are you tired of putting on the same suit every morning? Then it’s time to put aside the black suit and choose a suit with designs and colors so that you feel like you’re the most elegant man in the office.

Choose the right fabric in your suit!

1)Cotton Vs Woolen suit

The battle begins between cotton and woolen fabrics. Cotton suits are lighter than a woolen suit, which is why many men choose cotton fabrics for summer and winter. Another factor that affects this choice is the fact that wool can cause you to itch. If you choose a woolen suit, make sure there is a lining to have less discomfort.

2)Linen Vs Woolen suit

The choice in fabrics is based on your personal preferences. Linen creases easily and leaves the feeling of being unkempt after a few hours, while the wool remains quite smooth and soft due to the density of the fabric. Linen is ideal for warmer climates while wool is excessive when it is hot outside. The best solution is to find a suit that combines both fabrics.

3)Suit made of polyester Vs silk suit

There is no competition here. Silk wins every time but causes a big loss in your bank account. Polyester is a synthetic material and much more economical than silk. At the same time, however, there is a rumor that polyester fabrics do not breathe properly, resulting in summer to get hot. On the other hand, silk is a fabric that breathes and can be worn every season as it is very comfortable. Many men choose to combine polyester along with cotton and wool to have better quality and to avoid glossy surfaces on fabrics.

4)Velvet suit Vs suit made of cashmere

Both two materials are considered luxurious and refined due to their excellent appearance. Velvet leaves you with the best impressions with its unique texture and is usually found in tuxedo and evening blazers. The fabric is suitable for a formal event providing a stylish and full-style look. As yet another luxurious fabric, cashmere provides quality and elegance. However, these suits leave an unwanted sheen even when combined with other material.

Fabric care

Once you have chosen the right fabric, it is important to take care of your suit very well in order to stand the test of time. If you take your suit to the dry cleaners often for dry cleaning, then you will damage the fabric as its fibers are destroyed. The controller of the dry cleaner should be able to clean the suit without the use of chemicals to maintain your elegance. What you can do is use a brush for clothes and clean your suit after each use, and store it carefully. Regardless of the fabric you have chosen, you will have to take care of and watch the garment in order to have it for many years.
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