How to dress according to your body type!

Πως να ντυθείς ανάλογα με το σωματότυπό σου!
Do you like to follow fashion and look for the right outfit for your body type? There are a few tips you can follow to find out which style of clothing suits you the most!
Fashion may be constantly changing and bringing new trends every season, but they are specific clothes and details that can bring out a body. The most important thing, then, is to know which category you belong to and find the best tips to dress based on the shape of your body!


What is the right outfit for your body type


Trapezoidal body

trapezoides somatotipo

This body shape has open shoulders and chest, but the waist and hips are narrower. A typical example is Michael Phelps. In this particular shape, it is especially important to pay attention to the imbalance that exists between the upper and lower parts of the body, so as not to stress it even more.

adriko ntisimo tips

How to dress:

  • Wear a belt low so you can draw attention to your hips and not from the waist up.
  • Choose T-shirts and shirts with stripes and try to have the stripes around the stomach and not on the chest.
  • Choose shirts and sweaters with a V neckline to draw attention away from the chest. V acts like an arrow for men, showing us to look lower.
  • Wear statement trousers with prints to draw attention to your feet or alternatively jeans with rinses.
  • Choose cross blazer to enlarge your body’s torso, always in proportion to your shoulders.


Rectangular body

orthogonio somatotupo ntisimo

Here now we have the rectangular body, in which the shoulders, waist, and hips have the same width.
The goal you should have if you belong to this category, is to make your shoulders look bigger from the waist and down to look more gathered. In other words, to create the illusion that you have a trapezoidal shape.

andriko ntusimo orthogonio soma

How to dress:

  • Wear a men’s blazer that adds more volume to the shoulders, while it is narrow in the armpits and emphasizes your waist.
  • Play with the levels in your outfit, combining longer blazers and cardigans with T-shirt that cover your belt just enough, or tying a thin sweater on your waist.
  • To draw attention to the top of your torso, choose T-shirts with a twisted neckline.
  • In no case do not choose T-shirts  with rectangular prints, such as t- shirts with photos.


Triangular body

trigoniko somatotipo

In this particular body type, the shoulders and chest are narrower than the waist and hips and of course they emphasize more than the waist down a male body. Here you should make sure to emphasize more the top of your torso, in order to reduce the difference that exists.

andriko ntusimo trigoniko soma

How to dress:

  • Choose polo-style T0shirts with a collar, but make sure you always have the buttons buttoned up.
  • Wear blazers and jackets that give volume to the shoulders, for example with pads, to shape your shoulder line.
  • Choose dark T-shirts that flatter your body more than the waist up.
  • If you want to wear something brighter on top, you can put a light-colored shirt or T-shirt and a darker blazer or sweater on top.


Oval body

oval somatotupo ntisimo

Finally, as you can understand from its name, here we have more kilos in the stomach area, which often makes the shoulders look narrower and the legs thinner.
The main thing is to try to make your torso look longer and your shoulders more open.

andriko ntusimo oval soma

  • Wear T-shirts and shirts with vertical stripes to make your body look taller.
  • Make sure that your trousers and sleeves are at the right length, since if they are longer they will make you look shorter.
  • Wear clothes from the waist up with details and patterns and choose dark colors that will flatter you.
  • Choose fitted pants to show your feet higher
  • Don’t wear shoes with a white sole, because they will make your feet look shorter.
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