5 colors that every man should wear this summer!

5 χρώματα που πρέπει να φορέσει κάθε άνδρας φέτος το καλοκαίρι!
The changes you have to make to your wardrobe for the summer, are firstly, to take off your coolest clothes in order to be able to cope with the heat and secondly, to detach from the dark colors and the classic black and give space to the brightest and most intense colors.
The main reason that men avoid these bright colors is because they do not know which one to choose and how to combine the colors in their outfit, thus looking like the rainbow.
But if you want to be in fashion this summer, you should also wear colorful clothes. But what are the best choices you can make?


The most must colors to stand out with tour outfit in summer

Pink men’s clothes

xromatista roz andrika rouxa

Pink may be considered feminine, but from the 19th century until now, it has a special place in the wardrobe of every modern man. Obviously we are not talking about Barbie’s pink, but about its softer and lighter shades, or even those that tend towards peach.
For a casual look, you can choose a soft tone and combine it with a warm bronze or brown color and a light-colored bleached jean. If you choose to wear it on a shirt now, you can combine it with a black or blue jean pants, a beige or nautical shorts or even a green chino pants, for a more evening look.
However, you should also take your skin tone seriously, since if you have dark skin, you can wear more shades of pink, while if you have very light skin, you should be satisfied with darker shades, so as not to fade your whole image.


Green men’s clothes

simvoules antriko ntisimo kalokairi

Green is the new black, since it can be perfectly combined with most colors, such as nautical blue, but also yellow. this makes it as versatile as a neutral color.
And just wearing a khaki summer pants and on top of it a white shirt or t-Shirt, your look will be complete and suitable for all hours of the day, even if you decide to combine it with your white sneakers.
In addition, green is very nicely combined with red, no matter how strange it may seem to you, but the best option is definitely gray and navy.


Yellow men’s clothes

tips andriko ntusimo

As with pink, so in yellow, the most ideal tones are the softest or even mustard, unless of course yellow covers only a small part of our clothing, where we can choose even the canary, without spoiling our look.
It was one of the main suggestions we saw in the fashion weeks for the summer of 2016, since if you wear it properly you will definitely have a very elegant and youthful outfit. All stylists, however, inform us that you should first have blackened a little and then wear it, because it does not fit at all in light skin.

Red men’s clothes

kokkina antrika rouxa

The red color is one of the favorites of men, since it symbolizes energy, strength, but also passion. Here now you can if you do not want to risk it with yellow or pink, choose a bright red color or even a darker burgundy, which is equally elegant.
It’s a refined color, which you can wear up to your blazer, for a more modern and youthful look and combine it with a white T-shirt and a light-colored jean or a blue chino pair of trousers, to have a more sophisticated style.
Also, you should not be afraid to wear it on your pants, instead of the usual blue jeans, since it is one of the most fashionable proposals of the summer.


Purple men’s clothes

simvoules antrika rouxa kalokairi

Purple is not at all surprised that it is one of the most must colors for men’s outfit, since we find it all the time in fashion shows since 1990. It is the best choice that those who prefer glam rock style can make.
It is a fairly versatile color, but because it is extremely impressive and draws all the attention directly on it, it should be combined with more neutral colors, especially if you have not chosen some dark purple, but a bold or lilac. The best combinations are black, grεy, beige and blue.
You can wear it on your shirt, T-shirt, jacket, pants or even shorts and look just as stylish.
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