10 Things women like!

10 Πράγματα που αρέσουν στις γυναίκες!
There are dozens of reasons why men choose a particular outfit, why they make certain dress choices, and why they prefer certain trends more than others. Men dress up fashionable to achieve their various goals, such as impressing their boss or looking stylish on the first date.
All the choices reflect your personal style or copy that set that you believe will make you gain approval from those around you. This, of course, does not mean that you have to dress to please the tastes of others. But would you like to know what others think of your style? How would you feel if women told you exactly what they think about your stylistic choices?
From shoes to your personal care, see below the 10 things that attract women to your look.


What women like about men’s outfit!


1. Nice taste in shoes


One of the first things women pay attention to about is shoes. For us, the shoes you choose to wear can tell us dozens of things about you even before we talk to you.
How much you pay attention to the shoes you wear is linked to how much you care about other situations in your life that’s how we see it. Above all, we appreciate the man who knows which shoe praises his personal style, and the man who is proud of his choices in shoes. That’s why I would advise you to invest money in elegant, good quality shoes and make sure that the ones you choose to wear always look like new.


2. Sweater with V neckline


The sweater with a V neckline is indicative of diligence and is worn by men who are composed and know how to take care of themselves. A sweater with a V neckline is the right balance between everyday and more elegant style.
That’s why it’s safe to wear something like that in most cases! These sweaters can be found in various colors and designs, but in my opinion a nice grey, dark blue or olive oil is the ideal. Combine it with a contrasting shirt and tie and you’ll have the perfect look.

3. Wear your shoes without socks


We appreciate a man who knows how to wear his socks. But these days, it’s very fashionable to walk without socks. Previously, it was considered obscene for a person to show his ankle. But now, no.
Don’t overdo it, though. The ideal for us is a look where the pants are not too narrow (or too wide) and the trunks are slightly lifted. So, if the weather permits, lift your pants and wear your favorite shoes without socks (or at least wear socks that can’t be seen).

4. Chinos pants


Chinos pants  are great because they are easy to use, you can wear them on any occasion, formal and informal, and they fit with everything. The ideal trousers are the one that is slightly lifted on the hem to show your ankle, as we mentioned above. Buy them in whatever color you want, but make sure you have at least one in dark blue color, one in sand color and one olive oil. Replace them with jeans and you will impress us.


5. WhiteT-shirt + jeans

white shirt and jeans

It may seem simple to you, but this is a combination that most women love to see in a man. A nice, fitting T-shirt, which is neither too loose nor too narrow, is the ideal.
And jeans are an area worth investing in. Choose a good quality jeans that are narrow but not limited to you much. We love tight jeans on you. But not the baggy jeans and t-shirts in a larger size.


6. Shirt with buttons + Rolled up sleeves + Thin tie

shirt and tie

A man who knows how to make a good shirt with a tie and rolled up sleeves more everyday is just perfect. Of course, it is a wonderful indication when a man can show his ability to properly combine colors, textures and patterns in his good shirt and tie.
It is, however, even more attractive to see a man in a simple white shirt and a plain color tie catching all eyes and being commented on positively. It’s a casual enough combination to be able to wear it wherever you want, but it’s not too casual as to look messy.

7. Henley T-shirts


Henley T-shirts are better than classic T-shirts. It’s actually a T-shirt without a collar with a few front buttons, but we love these T-shirts because they’re different. They make you stand out from the rest, and because they are not very formal, when you wear a henley you upgrade your everyday style.


8. Elegant accessories

men's accessories

We are a fan of accessories to a man, as long as they suit him. A nice watch is suitable for everyone. We don’t expect you to wear a Rolex, but a watch with taste.
As for the rest of the accessories, if a man wears nice bracelets with taste, without exaggerations, there is no problem. Finally, a man who knows how to combine the tie, and various other accessories deserves to be noticed. Be austere and highlight your personal style, and be sure that we will notice you.

9. A suit tailored to your measure

tailored suit

A man in a suit tailor-made is someone who requires attention, and whom we pay attention to! However, I am not referring to any old suit.
Anyone can put on a suit. But a real man knows how to wear it properly. This means making sure that it is at its best every time he puts it on. You have to be in control of the suit. We can understand when a man does not feel comfortable with his suit, and in this case we will pay attention to the wrong clothes and not the man who wears them. Be master of the costume, and we will notice you the suit will simply flatter the whole set.
Another thing to know is when to wear your suit. Wearing a suit at work is a must. However, it is not right to wear it on the first date as it looks very formal. When you wear it in the right environment, you will look more elegant, strong and sexy. When you wear it where you shouldn’t, you’ll just look curious.


10. Proper personal care habits

grooming habits

There are different opinions about what exactly women like when it comes to your personal grooming. Some say that untamed look and dense beard, but groomed, are attractive, while others say that a fit and shaved man is better.
However, it is neither the beard nor the muscular strength that attracts a woman. What you need is to look nice and that you care about your look so much that you comb your hair from time to time. We adore men who know how to take care of themselves and take care of themselves.
Whether you’re shaved or not, what matters is being well-maintained. You don’t have to be obsessed (and it would be good not to be), but a man who has a haircut as his trademark, someone who wears a certain perfume, pays attention to what he wears and takes care of his clothes, knows when and how to shave, does not forget to bathe and has clean nails deserves to be given time.


Another thing to know is that we adore men who are comfortable and confident. Who know how to look great without much effort. They know not to take their look too seriously. If you enjoy it and feel good, it seems.
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